Button Down So The Knife Doesn't Come Loose From The Sheath

So You Want To Get A Neck Knife?

If You Haven’t Already, You May Wanna Check Out Last Week’s Post! A couple days ago I wrote a post entirely dedicated to boot knives. Here’s the link if you’re interested in reading. Boot knives and neck knives may be different but they also share a few similarities. For example, both are typically made to […]

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Tweezers Don't Cut, They Pinch!

3 Ridiculously Easy Ways To Sharpen Tweezers!

Don’t Chuck Em Out! Blunt tweezers are a pain….literally! A couple days ago I noticed a strand of white hair darting out from my forehead (gross I know), so what do I do? Grab my tweezers in an attempt to pluck the sucker. What should’ve taken less than 10 seconds, took about 2 minutes. Frustrating […]

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Benchmade 51 Comes With G-10 Lightweight Handles!

Butterfly Knives: The Full Spiel! (Recommendations/Considerations/Maintenance)

Butterfly Knives 101! When talking butterfly knives, there’s one thing in particular that stands out: majority of society consider the butterfly knife a dangerous weapon, thereby deeming it unsuitable/illegal for personal use. I will not go into the details of what’s right/wrong, or how I feel about this, but I will say this: Pretty much […]

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How To Sharpen Darts

2 Ways To Sharpen Steel Tip Darts!

Just When You Think You Hit The Bulls Eye! Who doesn’t love throwing darts? Not only is it insanely fun, but it can get pretty competitive. Like most people, I usually play a couple rounds when in the company of my mates. What starts off as a relaxed low energy game, quickly turns into something […]

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You Can Also Sharpen By Holding The Stone And Abrading Against Each Surface. This Way May Be Easier For Some!

2 Different Ways To Sharpen Clipper Blades!

Always More Than One Way To Skin A Cat! A couple years ago I invested in a hair clipper. Truth be told, I was sick of hopping barber shops in the city to find that they mostly all suck (and are ridiculously overpriced!). They lure you in by giving you an awesome first haircut, and […]

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Love The Touch Sensitive, LED Lit Display!

What’s The Best Vacuum Sealer For Sous Vide?

How Sous Vide Is Quickly Changing The Game! Sous vide is rapidly changing the way we cook at home! For those who don’t know, sous vide is a technique in which food is vacuum sealed in a bag, and then placed in a water bath to cook at some set temperature (read more here). Now you’re probably […]

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Hamilton Beach 25361: Another Awesome Indoor Grill That Performs Incredibly Every Time!

Wanna BBQ 24/7? Here’s The Best Indoor Electric Grill!

Why Wait For The Summer To BBQ!? My fellow North Americans: would you say winter is depressingly dreadful, or beautifully festive? Leave it in the comments. I have a love hate relationship with winter. I absolutely love the holidays, but detest the snow and cold. For me the worst part of winter is not being […]

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