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DMT Three 6-Inch Diamond Whetstones C/W Hard Wood Box

Complete control and extraordinary results. This is what you get when using a good stone with the correct technique. This set of DMT diamond sharpening stones comes with 3 different grits: extra-fine, fine, and coarse. Scroll down to read the pros and cons!



This is not the first time I have reviewed a DMT product. Click here to check out my review on the diafold double sided sharpener. Some fun facts about DMT:


  1. 1976 – This is the year they were founded. Boasting 4 decades worth of experience, you’d expect nothing short of a high quality product that can deliver results consistently.
  2. Diamond – Their focus since inception has been to make “the worlds best diamond sharpeners”.
  3. USA – This is where all DMT products are manufactured.



  • Not Messy – Unlike other stones (Japanese ones for example), the DMT diamond sharpening stones can be used dry or with water. This is a definite pro for me, as it saves me from having to clean up a messy slur as I normally would with water based stones. I also like the little “polka dot pits” which is quite effective in collecting steel residue, thereby making it easy to clean and maintain the stones (usually a quick wash with water will suffice). 
  • Flatness & Durability – One issue with traditional water stones is that they tend to lose flatness and develop high and low points. This poses a problem for the rookie sharpener (someone who does not have the right technique to realize, and adapt to the ever changing stone surface). Flatness ensures a consistent, even contact with the edge, resulting in the same sharpness throughout the blade. DMT diamond sharpening stones retain this flatness, simply due to minimal wear as a result of the diamond’s hardness. You could then say that these diamond stones are more durable than their counterparts. In fact, they are commonly used in a process called truing, which is basically rubbing a diamond plate to flatten an uneven whetstone. DMT Guarantees Surface Flatness Of Their Stones 
  • Control – Unlike their electric counterparts, these stones allow for much more freedom and control. You control the angle to which you sharpen, and have the freedom to select abrasives ranging from extra-fine all the way to extra-coarse. However, there is a technique you need to master in using stones effectively.
  • Versatility – This is another advantage that applies to all stones, and not just the DMT diamond sharpening stones. You could use these on a number of different tools such as machetes, chisels, and axes. This is a clear advantage over the electric sharpeners.  


  • Technique – To get the best out of these DMT diamond sharpening stones, you will need to pay a price: proper technique and form. You can watch as many YouTube videos as you like, but that will only do so much to help you develop the right form. Practice and application will help make you better (in time) at using these or any other stones. If you’re willing to expend some effort in learning and practicing the right way to use stones, then this won’t be a con (and vice versa). Developing The Right Technique Takes Time & Effort! 
  • A Little Too Small – While I love the DMT diamond sharpening stones, I also think this particular set are slightly on the smaller side (only barely!). This may not be a problem for some people, however, as you learn to adapt your technique and use whatever surface area you have at your disposal. For me, I personally prefer more area to work with (especially for larger blades).   




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