Linny Kenney Sample 4

A Buyer’s Guide To Chef Knife Bags!

It’s interesting how we spend a lot of time discussing and critiquing knives, but hardly ever do we focus on the luggage used to carry them. As chefs and enthusiasts we store our knives in these things, as we travel from one place to another. A knife bag is to a chef as a toolbox […]

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Consistent Angle Throughout!

Should You Buy A Knife Sharpening Angle Guide Tool?

Most of you who are new to knife sharpening (and this blog) are probably wondering “well, what’s the angle?” When I think of knife angles, I think about it in 2 ways: Japanese knives usually have a much tighter angle in comparison to their western counterparts; 12-15 degrees in comparison to 20-22 degrees. As such, […]

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Maintain A Constant Angle Throughout And Repeat 8 Times

A Newbie’s Guide To Knife Sharpening & Maintenance

A Lot That Needs To Be Considered! There’s literally so much to consider when it comes to maintaining your knives, and the most frustrating thing is all the information can’t be found in one place! What is knife maintenance anyways? In my opinion, knife maintenance encapsulates 5 different processes: sharpening, honing, stropping, storing, and cleaning. […]

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A Couple Different Angles...Here's One!

How To Sharpen Meat Grinder Blades!

Ah The Underrated Meat Grinder! Welcome back to yet another “how to” blog. As long as you guys request them, I’ll keep doing em! Today we talk about a hugely underrated kitchen appliance: the meat grinder. To my fellow vegetarian readers, feel free to skip this post and check out one of my others instead. To […]

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Now Do The Other Side, But Just For 30 Seconds!

How To Sharpen A Pizza Cutter!

Sharpen Instead Of Replacing! Familiar with the quote “a dollar saved is a dollar earned”? Some call it being cheap, others call it being wise. Call it what you want, but one thing is certain: all the dollars saved today, will add up tomorrow! That’s precisely why I choose to sharpen my tools instead of […]

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Button Down So The Knife Doesn't Come Loose From The Sheath

So You Want To Get A Neck Knife?

If You Haven’t Already, You May Wanna Check Out Last Week’s Post! A couple days ago I wrote a post entirely dedicated to boot knives. Here’s the link if you’re interested in reading. Boot knives and neck knives may be different but they also share a few similarities. For example, both are typically made to […]

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Tweezers Don't Cut, They Pinch!

3 Ridiculously Easy Ways To Sharpen Tweezers!

Don’t Chuck Em Out! Blunt tweezers are a pain….literally! A couple days ago I noticed a strand of white hair darting out from my forehead (gross I know), so what do I do? Grab my tweezers in an attempt to pluck the sucker. What should’ve taken less than 10 seconds, took about 2 minutes. Frustrating […]

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