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DMT Knife Sharpener (Model: Diafold Double Sided)

This bad boy can be used to sharpen a plethora of items: scissors, utility knife, paring knife, pocket knife, and even pliers! See below for product description.



Before we jump right into the pros and cons for this DMT knife sharpener, allow me to provide a quick overview of DMT and what they have been doing over the years. DMT was founded in 1976 with the intent of creating a knife sharpening technology that was not only inexpensive and of high quality, but also versatile. DMT’s products are manufactured in the USA, and they are well known for being some of the best diamond sharpeners. Here’s a link to their site if you wish to read more about the way they do things. Off to the pros and cons!



  • Portable & Compact – If you’ve looked at the pictures above, you’ve already realized that this is a pretty small sharpener. This DMT knife sharpener has convenient fold and go handles which make it the perfect knife sharpener for camping, gardening, and even outdoor enthusiasts who don’t wish to carry a bulky alternate. This is also a great sharpener to pack in your garage toolbox along with the pliers and everything else. The foldable handles also tend to protect the diamond whetstone when not in use.     
  • Versatility – I touched on this briefly already, but I should mention that this is what makes this DMT knife sharpener one of my favorite manual knife sharpeners out there. There is nothing complicated about its design and simplistic nature, and that makes this sharpener incredibly versatile. It can be used to sharpen scissors, pliers, and even pocket knives! It’s also pretty neat that you don’t need to apply oil to sharpen (you can sharpen dry or with water). A word of caution: I would not suggest this sharpener for serrated edges. Serrated edges are a special case and should be treated so.
  • Quite Affordable – Click here to check out latest pricing on amazon. Considering all the the tools it can sharpen, it’s quite reasonably priced if you ask me. It also comes double sided, so you get maximum diamond coverage!
  • Grit Customization – You have a total of 4 grit choices depending on the condition of your blade:
    1. Coarse/Extra Coarse – Pick this grit if you have a real rough edge. This is ideal for dull blades.
    2. Fine/Coarse – I suggest this grit if your edge is only slightly dull.
    3. Fine/Extra Fine – Pick this grit if you need a quick touch up and polish to your already sharp edge.
    4. Extra Fine/ Extra Extra Fine – Similar to the fine/extra fine grit, but for already blazing sharp edges.


  • Serrated Blades – As I mentioned above, do not use the DMT knife sharpener for serrated blades! They are not designed to sharpen serrations.
  • Diamond Whetstone Wear – There is nothing you can do about this one. Depending on how often you use it, the diamond whetstone will start to eventually wear (this often takes time before it happens). However, this doesn’t change the fact that this is still an awesome, quality product! I’d rather buy something that is quality and serves me well for 2-3 years than buy something that is rubbish and hardly gets used!


Check out this YouTube video from Living Survival demonstrating the product in action!



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