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The Minosharp Plus is a 2 stage sharpening solution consisting of a coarse grit and a medium grit. Scroll down to read the pros and cons, some frequently asked questions, as well as my final recommendation.


I really enjoyed reviewing the 3 stage Minosharp 550 (click link to check out the review), so I figured I’d write a review on their cheaper 2 stage version. I’d recommend you read both reviews, so you have a better idea of which system to get. Without saying a word more, let’s look at the pros and cons below!


Pros – First The Positives!

  • A Flexible, All-Round Sharpener – One of the pros I had for the previously reviewed 3-stage Minosharp, was how incredibly versatile it was for a pull through system. The Minosharp Plus retains the same advantage. I’ve reviewed a ton of pull through style sharpeners, and ALL of them fall short to this regard. They all have a single stage, (and therefore a single abrasive/grit) which makes them inept or unable to provide a solution for every sharpening need. For a moment, I want you to consider traditional stones just for the sake of argument at hand. Granted you may be unfamiliar with traditional stones, and even care less to know about them, but the point I wish to make is directly related, so stay with me here! Have you ever seen a chef or professional sharpener use a single stone (with one grit by the way) to achieve that blazing sharp edge? I’ll bet the answer is no. They use different stones with different grits to achieve the desired result. The point I am trying to make here is that a single abrasive/grit is not always sufficient. Having a system that offers more than one stage is great, because it makes it that much more flexible, versatile, and complete.
  • Ergonomic Handheld Design That Makes Sharpening Easy – One thing I’ve noticed with some of the pull through sharpeners I’ve reviewed is that they lack a nice, comfortable solid grip. The Minosharp Plus deals with this problem by having a wide, ergonomic handle to grasp onto as you sharpen. While this may not seem like too big a deal now, you’ll understand what I mean when you’re actually sharpening. Again, it’s the small details that make a ton of difference in the end!
    Wide Ergonomic Handle Makes It Easier To Grip & Hold Onto The Device
    Wide Ergonomic Handle Makes It Easier To Grip & Hold Onto The Device
  • Works Particularly Well On Global Knives – Global and Minosharp originate from the same company, so you’d expect that they’d both work well together. In fact, Global recommends you use the Minosharp products such as the water stones, rods, and ceramic water sharpeners to work on your global blades. Doing so will ensure the factory edge is maintained and not ruined (which could happen if you sharpen at the wrong angle). Since we are on the topic, I thought I’d mention an important piece of advice I wish you’d seriously follow: Regardless of whether you decide to purchase the Minosharp Plus or any other knife sharpening system for that matter, you should never ever try it first on your expensive blades. NEVER! Always try it out on a cheap, $10 blade that you don’t care for much. Learn how to use the system properly on a cheap blade and then, and ONLY THEN should you work on your expensive knives.
  • Retains Its Simplicity And Ease Of Use – The Minosharp Plus is uncomplicated, and actually very easy to use. This should be the most obvious and least surprising of the pros in this review. One look at the product pictures and you’d already have an idea of how this thing is supposed to work! The wheels are color coded as white to be the coarse grit and pink to be the medium grit. Some people are not sure how much water to add to the compartment and the answer to this, is you add enough water such that when you spin the sharpening wheels, they are evenly lubricated with water. Rule of thumb: It’s always best to add less water than more!


Cons – Now For The Negatives!

  • It’s Missing That Last Stage Needed To Polish And Refine Your Edge – Here’s the big question! Should you spend the extra $$$ to get the 3 stage version instead of this version? What do you get for the extra $$$ spent? What you get by upgrading to the 3 stage Minosharp is an extra stage with a fine grit. The fine grit really helps to give your knife that polished, smooth edge.


Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Whats the difference between this (Minosharp Plus) and the Plus 3?
Answer: The Plus is a 2-stage sharpener and the Plus 3 is a 3-stage. The difference being that the Plus 3 comes with an extra stage (with a fine grit). Would I pay the extra $$$ to get the 3 stage version? Yes, I personally would because I see myself using the fine stage much more often than I would the coarse stage.


Question: Where can I find English instructions and read more about the Minosharp Plus?
Answer: Click
here to see the instructions on how to use the device correctly.


Question: What types of knives should I avoid sharpening with this device?
Answer: I would not use this to sharpen the following knives: ceramic, serrated and single sided blades (like sushi blades). I would also refrain from using this to work on any tools (scissors and shears).


Final Words

The Minosharp Plus is a solid sharpening system. For what it’s worth, it puts a ton of competing, higher priced products to shame. However, it falls short when being compared to its bigger brother: the 3-stage Minosharp. My recommendation and personal opinion is to spend the extra $$$ to get the 3 stage version. As mentioned earlier, I have previously reviewed this version. Click here to check it out. As always, comments and questions are always welcome!




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