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Work Sharp Sharpening System (GSS)

This is one of the newer sharpeners recently released from Work Sharp. The objective of this sharpener is to provide a complete sharpening solution for every knife you own. But does it satisfy this objective, or is this just another knife sharpener which falls short of expectations? Keep reading to find out!



Work Sharp is a family owned business based in Oregon, USA. With 40 years of sharpening expertise, most of their products are handmade with an extraordinary emphasis on fine detail. The incredibly long warranty periods reflect the level of confidence and faith they have in their sharpeners. To read more about Work Sharp, click here.



  • Complete Sharpening System – The Work Sharp sharpening system really is a complete sharpening solution. I do recommend purchasing the upgrade kit which comes with an extra-coarse and extra-fine grit, but more importantly a leather strop kit. Combining the sharpening system with the upgrade kit results in the ultimate sharpening solution: sharpen your blade using one of the many available grits, hone your blade after sharpening by using the guided field hone, and finish it off by stropping on the leather plate.    
  • Warranty – The Work Sharp sharpening system is backed by a 42 year warranty! It’s the same duration Work Sharp have been around for in the sharpening industry. As mentioned previously, it goes to show how confident they are about their product.    
  • Versatility – A really cool feature about the Work Sharp sharpening system is how versatile it can be! Tools like axes can easily be sharpened by using the removable plate holder (with a grit/plate attached) like a sanding block to sharpen away. I used this feature to sharpen the blades for my nutribullet, and boy was I impressed!
  • Easy To Use – For a complete sharpening solution, the Work Sharp sharpening system is well designed and easy to use. Assembling all of the pieces together is quite simple and doesn’t require much thought. The package comes with a very informative guide showing how to sharpen your knife using a detailed, illustrative flow chart. This is an awesome chart to have kicking around as it provides very useful yet basic information. Everything is explained right down to the angle and strokes per side.     


  • Awkward For Longer Blades – The plate holder & grit seems to be designed for smaller outdoor and kitchen knives as opposed to longer knives. I used this on a longer chef knife and the technique felt slightly awkward, as I ended up having trouble sharpening all of the cutting edge.   
  • Packaging – The packaging proved to be a little bit of a challenge to crack open. The previous box packaging for the Work Sharp sharpening system was definitely much better. However, this is hardly a con and has no effect on functionality!   

Check out the YouTube video we made demonstrating the product in action!



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