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Smith’s 50005 Edge Pro Compact

For anyone on a budget not looking to spend too much, this will definitely be something you want to consider. Not only is it cheap, but this single stage hybrid also combines both manual and electric sharpening elements. See the full list of pros, cons, FAQ’s and a final recommendation below!



Another Smith’s electric knife sharpener beckons to be reviewed. This particular model (50005 edge pro compact) is one of the cheapest I have reviewed yet. But does the fact that it’s cheap, make it lower quality or less capable than its higher priced competition? You’ll know by the end of this review!  


Pros – First The Positives!

  • One Of The Cheapest Electric Sharpener I’ve Reviewed To Date! – Click here to check out the latest pricing on amazon. The price point, as far as i’m concerned is the biggest advantage of this Smith’s electric knife sharpener. 
  • 3 Years Coverage? Love It! – You’re covered for 3 years for this device upon purchase. I am especially picky about warranty when it comes to electric sharpeners, because these types of devices are more likely to malfunction than their manual counterparts. Another reason why warranty coverage is so important to me: You can sometimes gauge how much confidence a manufacturer has in their products based on the warranty they offer. I’ve seen outrageous warranty periods ranging anywhere from 42 years to lifetime coverage. Granted, a shorter warranty period doesn’t make one device more inferior to another with longer warranty, all else being equal, but it should still be an important consideration when buying an electric appliance. Don’t know about you, but I feel comfortable knowing I am covered for a couple years should something break or stop working. 
  • The Non Slip Rubber Feet Keeps The Unit In Place – This isn’t by any means the biggest deal, but it was enough to warrant being mentioned. Smith’s 50005 features a rubber sole/bottom, which is nice because nothing moves around during sharpening and you don’t have to hold the body down. Vibration isn’t too much of a concern anyways, but it’s a small detail that I liked and thought to comment on. 
  • I’m Really Digging The Hybrid Design – I love it when manufacturers innovate and come up with ideas to do things differently. This Smith’s electric knife sharpener is an example of that. It combines both electric and manual sharpening elements in one single unit. I have yet to see any brand do this other than Smith’s. It certainly is a neat concept!


Cons – Now For The Negatives!

  • Works Okay, But Don’t Expect Professional Results – Understand this and you’ll save yourself from disappointment. If you’re thinking you will achieve results similar to using a stone or professional service, you’re quite wrong. This is the type of a tool I would recommend you use for your cheaper kitchen knives. It’s quick, easy and best of all, cheap! One other thing I should mention is that this particular model lacks the versatility to sharpen thicker blades. Most of your kitchen knives should be fine, but you may have issues with your thicker hunting blades. The reason being that the sharpening slots are too narrow to fit thicker blades. 


Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is the abrasive used for the electric and manual sharpening elements? Does this only do coarse sharpening?
Answer: The electric stage uses a synthetic material with a grit of of 280. This is actually very coarse and if you’re not careful, you could strip off a lot of steel from your blade. I’d only recommend a few passes at most. The manual slot features a ceramic material with a finer 800 grit.  


Question: Do the wheels ever require to be replaced?
Answer: Firstly, the wheels are irreplaceable. Secondly, chances are you probably won’t ever need to replace the abrasive wheels. And if you do run into issues, you can contact Smith’s and proceed accordingly. Keep in mind, you have 3 solid years of warranty!


Question: When the device is turned on I notice there is some vibration and noise. And the same thing when sharpening. Is there something I am doing wrong?
Answer: It’s possible the motor is defective, but it’s also possible the unit is not sitting firmly on a flat surface (you may want to check this even though it sounds obvious).


Final Words

I mentioned it before and i’ll mention it again, the price for this Smith’s electric knife sharpener is on point! Having said that, I definitely recommend this product for anyone who will not be looking to sharpen expensive knives. I say this because the coarse grit is too aggressive and has the potential to completely re profile a more expensive blade. I suggest you only use this for your cheaper cutlery. Overall, it’s pretty easy to use, and the results are actually decent. Below is a video demonstrating the product in action.





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