Simplehuman: The Best Dish Drying Rack In My Opinion!

The Best Dish Drying Rack You Can Find!

It’s Kitchen Madness I Tell Ya! Who doesn’t love cooking!? Experimenting with new recipes, and tasting new flavors…’s adventurous to say the least! The best part is the final taste test; nothing is quite as pleasurable as tasting your creation. But I gotta say…as much as I enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes, I […]

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One Of The Most Simple Designs I've Seen Yet!

Looking To Up Your Sandwich Game? Check Out These 4 Awesome Bread Slicers!

Everyone Loves A Good Sandwich! November 3rd: anyone know the significance of this date? If you guessed national sandwich day, you’d be absolutely right! A day reserved to celebrate one of the world’s favorite foods. French baguettes, Vietnamese subs, Italian paninis, and the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich……just writing about it makes me salivate! But […]

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Hand Guards Reduce The Likelihood Of Getting Cut!

A Complete Guide To Help You Find The Best Mandoline Slicer!

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread! What can I say about this incredible device!? I’ve saved hours upon hours of time in food prep by using this tool. Every single kitchen in America (and the world!?) needs to be equipped with one of these. You’d be doing yourself a great disservice otherwise, seriously. Some of you […]

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Pocket Knife Safety For Kids!

Pocket Knife Safety For Kids: 10 Do’s And Don’ts!

In Case You Missed It, We Talked Kids Pocket Knives Last Week! For those of you who haven’t had the chance to read last week’s post, here it is if you wanna have a read. In summary, last week’s post goes over 4 things you should consider before buying your child a pocket knife, and then […]

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Cleaning Could Get A Little Messy For Thicker, Deep Dish Style Pizzas

6 Unique/Awesome Pizza Cutters That Make Slicing A Breeze!

Everyone Loves Pizza! I was fortunate to travel to Naples, Italy earlier this year. Naples (Napoli as the Italians call it) is a city in southern Italy widely regarded as the birthplace of modern pizza. During my 3 day stay in Naples, pizza eating became a ritual. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner was well….you guessed it […]

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NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves: Cheap, Effective, And Incredibly Comfortable!

Hate Pesky Knife Cuts? Check Out These Cut Resistant Gloves!

Investing In Your Safety Is Always A Good Idea! As cliche as it may sound, safety comes first always. Irrespective if you’re working in the kitchen, warehouse, construction or somewhere else, your primary focus should be to protect yourself from injury. Once you’ve satisfied your primary focus, then you can look to completing the actual […]

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2017's Top Rated Kitchen Shears

7 Kitchen Shears That Make Food Prep Effortless!

Knives Are Awesome But…… Knives are considered by many to be the single most important tool in the kitchen. They’re used for everything from slicing up fruits and vegetables, to deboning meats and chicken. A chef without a knife is a runner without legs. Granted, knives are awesome but they’re not the be all end […]

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