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V Sharp Warthog Knife Sharpener (Classic II)

The “v” style sharpeners are definitely gaining more popularity and appeal to those who are new to knife sharpening. The fact that most of these v types are easy to setup, use and learn, is in itself a huge selling point. However, there are subtle differences between each v type that make some better than others. Scroll down to check out the pros and cons of the V Sharp Warthog Knife Sharpener!



There is something very interesting (confusing also!) about this company. When I was researching the V Sharp Warthog Knife Sharpener initially, I landed on a website which mentioned that the company is permanently closed. Its not until later that I realized I was looking at the wrong site (and If I was looking at the wrong site, you could be too!). If you want to read more about Warthog Sharpeners, then click here. Anyways now that we have that out of the way, let’s very briefly talk about Warthog and who they are. Based in South Africa, they started operations in 1999 and a year later production of the first v sharp classic began (so they’ve been around for a while!). Warthog’s goal has been to produce knife sharpeners that provide results similar to professional sharpening services, while still being quick and easy to use.



  • Easy To Use & Setup – Relatively straight forward to setup and use. You have a choice of 3 different sharpening angles to sharpen your knives with (30 degrees for your hard working knives used to cut rope, cables etc. 25 degrees for kitchen knives, and 20 degrees for sharp but delicate cutting). Warthog recommends a two stage process: Initial sharpening where you use a back and forth motion (this is only required for dull knives) and final sharpening which is basically drawing the blade down, through, and out. I will be posting at the bottom of this post an instructional video demonstrating how the V Sharp Warthog knife sharpener works.
  • 325 Diamond Grits & Finishing Steel – Diamond abrasives for me are better than carbide or ceramic, and I also like the fact that you can replace the sharpening stones/abrasives quite easily if required (the stones simply slide off). This makes the V Sharp Warthog knife sharpener unique/different from most the other v types I’ve seen. The finishing steel works nicely for polishing! Check out the video below from sharpening specialists. 


  • Website Confusion – It can be very confusing initially when trying to find out more about the manufacturer Warthog, simply because there are two conflicting sites. If you go to the wrong site (v-sharp.com), then you would find that the business is permanently closed and that the V Sharp Warthog knife sharpener classic II is actually discontinued. So is the product really discontinued? Great question! I can’t find anything on Warthog’s legitimate website that states discontinuation of the classic II. Nevertheless, Warthog should really work to fix this conflicting information if they don’t want to ruin their reputation!
  • Customer Support, Contact, & Warranty – This ties in to the point I make above. I have seen a number of negative reviews of people talking about how they have been unable to reach Warthog for all sorts of concerns in regards to the V Sharp Warthog knife sharpener (replacement parts, warranty etc.). Both cons mentioned here can be addressed quite easily by Warthog if they spend some time to market themselves properly online.


Thanks for reading! I do like the V Sharp Warthog knife sharpener, but they need to rectify the problems above. If they do this, I have no doubt they will eliminate a whole wack of negative reviews. Let me know what you think by clicking on the reviews tab above and sharing a comment!


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