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Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

A budget 3-stage electric knife sharpener, that’s exactly what this is! But how well is it able to convert a dull blade into a sharp one? In today’s review we scrutinize this device and provide an extensive list of pros, cons, FAQ’s, and a final recommendation. Scroll below to keep reading!


Rated as a best seller, one would expect the Presto 08810 professional electric knife sharpener to be nothing short of brilliant. Below is a list of pros and cons, typical questions, and a final recommendation. The information presented are my own opinions, and I write them with an intent of having zero bias (not entirely possible, but I try my best!). I do hope this, as well as my other reviews help you to decide if a product is worth purchasing, or not. 


Pros – First The Positives!

  • As I Mentioned Earlier, It’s Quite Affordable! – It’s hard to find a decent 3 stage electric sharpener that’s affordable (click here to see the latest pricing on amazon). Having said that, I can see why this would appeal with so many consumers; It’s much much cheaper than it’s competition (Chef’s Choice for example). It’s also important to note that the warranty on this device is 1 year limited. 
  • Straightforward And Simple To Operate – A feature common to all electric sharpeners is that they are mostly all very easy to use. This is actually what I’d consider to be their biggest selling feature, as people don’t want to spend time to learn how to use a traditional stone to sharpen their knives. What’s different about the Presto 08810 when compared with other sharpeners is the interchangeable blade guides. I found this to be pretty cool, as it allows you to work on different style blades just by moving a switch. This sort of versatility is usually something you’d find in the higher priced sharpeners. Kudos to Presto for the innovative idea!

    The Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener Can Work On Various Types Of Blades
    The Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener Can Work On Various Types Of Blades
  • Sturdy Construction That Is Easy To Care And Maintain – Considering it’s built from plastic, the Presto 08810 professional electric knife sharpener still feels like a solid, durable unit (and I should mention it’s pretty heavy as well). A simple thing which Presto have done that caught my eye: The unit has these five little suction cups on the bottom which really helps prevent it from wobbling around when turned on. Also, cleaning the unit of any metal shavings is fairly straightforward. There are 3 red receptacles on the bottom of the unit that you can unplug and then shake the unit a little to remove the abraded metal that has collected over time, as a result of sharpening.
  • It Will Make Your Knives Sharp – If you’re expecting professional results akin to a sharpening service, you may be a little disappointed. Having said that, the Presto 08810 still delivers a noticeably sharper than before edge. It works really well, but by no means is it the best sharpening solution out there. It’s important for you to understand this limitation.


Cons – Now For The Negatives!

  • Your Knife Does Wobble A Little – This for me is the biggest drawback of the Presto 08810 professional electric knife sharpener. When you think of sharpening a blade against a rotating wheel, one of the most important considerations is control. Lacking control or not having a steady hand can result in poor results, or worse yet ruining the profile of your edge.   
  • The Unit Is Quite Bulky – Not too big a deal considering that this will likely be on a kitchen counter top or stored somewhere at home. Again, not something that affects the functionality, but worth mentioning as part of this review. 


Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Question: I’ve found the unit frequently stalls when I pass my blades in different stages. Could it be defected?
Answer: The motor stalls because too much pressure is being applied as you sharpen. Do not force the process by adding more pressure on the blade, and let the unit do what it’s supposed to! The weight of the blade is enough pressure.


Question: What is the voltage rating on this unit?
Answer: 110V. Check what voltage requirements you have and proceed accordingly.


Question: How does the Presto 08810 professional electric knife sharpener compare to the Chef’s Choice expensive ones?
Answer: There are a couple of differences that come to mind: different abrasives (diamond in Chef’s Choice, Sappharite in the Presto), different guide system, and overall a completely different edge profile between the two.


Final Words

The Presto 08810 professional electric knife sharpener gets the thumbs up from me. It’s a cheap, yet effective solution that is fairly versatile. And at the same time it’s incredibly easy to use. Who should buy this? Anyone who is not looking to spend too much on a sharpener, but still be able to get fairly decent results. Again, fairly decent results NOT professional results. As long as you understand this, you will be satisfied if you choose to buy. Finally, I leave you with a video demonstrating the product in action (all credit to Andrew Jones).





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