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Work Sharp WSKTS Knife And Tool Sharpener

An incredibly versatile sharpening solution that is capable of working on a variety of different knives and tools. And the best part is it’s actually quite reasonable! Scroll down to read the full review.


This particular model (WSKTS) is the cheaper alternative to the expensive Ken Onion edition. Granted, the expensive version does offer a little more, but both devices are quite similar when you really break it down. I’ll address some of the differences in the FAQ section, but for now let’s look at why this is such a highly rated product!


Pros – First The Positives!

  • It Doesn’t Take Long To Get Results! – Many knife sharpening services use abrasive belts (belt grinding) as the means to remove steel from your blade. In comparison to traditional whetstones, diamond stones, and even oxides of aluminum, belts typically sharpen much more quicker and it’s no surprise that the professionals use them for this reason. Nothing at all against the tried, old school method of using a stone to get an edge, but these belt systems are incredibly fast and much more easier to use in my opinion. In fact, if used correctly, grinding belts are one of the quickest ways to sharpen a knife or tool.       
  • Just Like All The Other Work Sharps, It’s A Complete Solution – I’ve yet to come across a Work Sharp product that is not versatile, or has limitations on what it can sharpen. They engineer and design their products to be a complete package. It will be the one thing you will most likely ever need, and nothing else. You’re not just getting a knife sharpener, but rather a complete sharpening solution capable of working on axes, scissors, lawn mower blades and a heck of a lot more!  And even if you are unlikely to ever use it to sharpen your lawn mower blade or hatchet, it’s still nice to know that should you ever need to, you have the option of doing so instead of getting a new lawn mower or sending the blade to an expensive sharpening service!

    Versatile Enough To Sharpen Most Tools You Can Think Of
    Versatile Enough To Sharpen Most Tools You Can Think Of
  • Based On What It Can Do & What It Comes With, It’s Worth Every Dollar – Click here to check out pricing on amazon. In my opinion, solid bang for your buck considering you get a total of 6 abrasive belts (2 coarse, 2 medium, and 2 fine), 2 different guides, and even an instructional DVD demonstrating how to use the sharpener correctly. It’s about half the cost of an expensive Chef’s Choice with triple the capabilities!
  • An Electric Sharpener That Can Actually Be Customized – The ability to pick a range of different grits makes the Work Sharp WSKTS that much more of a complete sharpening solution. Instead of using a strop, I can get a 6000 grit belt and away I go! It’s great to also know that replacement belts are available should the initial belts included in the package need to be switched out in the future. Compare this with the conventional 3 stage electric sharpeners which cannot be customized at all! 


Cons – Now For The Negatives!

  • The Warranty Could Be Longer I Feel – I personally think Work Sharp could have done a little bit more than offering a single year of warranty coverage. It’s a little disappointing because they really do make great products, and warranty is a reflection of confidence in a product.
  • Doesn’t Have The Same Speed Control As Its Big Brother – Not included in this model, but present in the more expensive Ken Onion edition is the ability to control the belt speed using an adjustable knob. With the Work Sharp WSKTS, you have two positions: on and momentary on. It is a little bit of a drawback to not have speed control, but for what it’s worth this is still a great sharpener, no question!


Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Can I use the Work Sharp WSKTS to sharpen thin Japanese blades?
Answer: The guides that come with this only go up to 20 degrees on either side. But who says you have to use the guide!? Once you know enough about how to use this device, remove the guide and freehand it. Make sure you practice on a cheap knife first!


Question: What’s the difference between this and the more expensive KO (Ken Onion)?
Answer: The biggest difference is speed control (discussed above). You basically have more control with the expensive version. Another difference is that the sharpening guide has more angle choices compared to this device.


Final Words

What more can I say about this!? It’s a fantastic product that does so much for so little. If you read my reviews, you’ll realize I don’t always offer this much praise to just anything. In fact, you’ll find some product reviews where I am quite against some devices. This is the exact opposite. The only thing which I wish was better is the warranty period. Anyways, that’s a wrap! I hope this review will have provided some insight. If you have any questions, please let me know!




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