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Lansky Diamond Sharpening System

Another sharpening system that chooses to do things completely differently! But how good is the knife clamp and guide rod setup in practice? Scroll down below to read the pros and cons for this Lansky sharpener.



In case you weren’t aware, Lansky Sharpeners are a well established name in the knife sharpening industry. They have been around for decades, and have a sharpening product/system for pretty much everything you can imagine: kitchen knives, axes, machetes, fish hooks, and even arrows! Their collection of sharpeners can be classified as manual or non electric. I am not quite sure why they do not produce electrical knife sharpeners; It is a question I have asked their team as I am interested to find out (not that it matters, really). Regardless, they do a phenomenal job at designing quality knife sharpeners! Click here to see their product lineup.



  • Sharpening Angles & Guides – This is probably my favorite feature on the Lansky Diamond sharpening system. You have a choice of 4 different sharpening angles (17, 20, 25, & 30) which means you can sharpen pretty much anything from kitchen knives to outdoor, hunting and even x-acto knives. It takes a little bit of effort to ensure the guide rod sits completely flat and is aligned with the grit, but once this preliminary step is complete, sharpening is a breeze! Make sure you take your time to properly install the grit to the guide rods, and you should be fine.  
  • Easy To Use – When properly setup, the Lansky Diamond sharpening system is easy to use. However, to ensure that the sharpener is properly setup, you will need to purchase one of Lansky’s mounts. The purpose of the mount is to allow you to sharpen without holding the clamp in your hand i.e. you can leave the mount sitting on the table. The caveat is that the mount, which is so necessary to effectively use this sharpener, is an additional purchase; this is rather unfortunate. If you’re able to craft a makeshift mount at home or have some sort of a workaround to this, you could save some $$$!    
  • 4 Grits As Part Of The Package – It’s pretty cool to have 4 diamond grits (extra coarse, coarse, medium, and fine) come included as part of the package. However, I would be happier with a grit or 2 less if they threw in the mount instead! The quality of the grits look pretty good, and I can see them lasting quite some time before needing to be replaced. 


  • Poor Quality Clamp – The Lansky Diamond sharpening system comes equipped with a rather poor quality clamp. The clamp does a fairly poor job at holding down smaller knives, and when you force the issue you risk scratching and damaging your knife.
  • Not A Complete Sharpening Solution – The Lansky Diamond sharpening system is not a complete sharpening solution. As a package, it is unable to sharpen serrations, and everything from honing to stropping is an upgrade and therefore costs extra. For what it’s worth, I expected a system capable of not only sharpening, but also honing and stropping my knives.


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