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Wusthof 4 Stage Knife Sharpener

I’ve heard of 3 stage sharpeners, but never 4. So, how does this non electric knife sharpener fare when put to the test? Find out by reading the pros and cons below!



If you are here reading this then you may already be familiar with the name “Wusthof”; If you aren’t, then all you need to know is that Wusthof are a German knife maker that have been around for 2 whole centuries! If it’s one thing they’re good at, it’s making a high quality knife. Make no mistake about that! But that doesn’t necessarily mean they are good at producing a high quality knife sharpener, right? That’s a great question and one that I hope to answer below by showing you the good, bad, and ugly of this Wusthof 4 stage knife sharpener.  



  • Easy To Use & Store – There is nothing complicated about this sharpener. It has 2 stages that are designed to sharpen Standard (European/American) knives, and 2 stages (coarse and fine) designed to sharpen Asian knives. If you don’t know the difference between a Standard Vs. Asian knife, you may want to read this. To summarize, the Standard knife is generally more thicker with a larger edge angle, whereas the Asian knife is thinner with a smaller edge angle. Simple enough, right? Great! While the Wusthof 4 stage knife sharpener is easy to use, it’s also not bulky and can be stored easily in a kitchen drawer.   
  • Rubber Base & Hand Grip – The rubber base and hand grip ensure that there is no slippage while sharpening and that the unit sits firmly in place. The hand grip makes sharpening feel more natural and controlled. All in all this makes for a more user friendly product.    


  • Misleading – Let’s be clear about one thing: this is by no means a 4 stage knife sharpener. The Wusthof 4 stage knife sharpener is really a 2 stage knife sharpener capable of working on both Standard & Asian knives. Stating that the sharpener is 4 stage is largely misleading, and even poor marketing and advertising on Wusthof’s part.
  • Abrasive Material – There have been complaints about this sharpener taking off too much metal from the knives it sharpens. While it is true that in order to sharpen a knife some metal must be stripped off, too much is never a good thing. A good sharpener will have abrasives that strip off only the right amount of metal. Unfortunately, the Wusthof 4 stage knife sharpener falls short of this expectation.
  • Brand Name But A Poor Product – The Wusthof 4 stage knife sharpener falls into the category of being a product that fails to meet expectations, but is labelled and backed by a strong industry brand. When people see Wusthof, they automatically think it’s great product because really, how can such a successful brand ever make anything low quality or sub par! My advice to anyone would be to do your research before you spend the money. There are lots of V-style sharpeners on the market for half the price! Spend time to educate yourself about the product as it could possibly save you some money.


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