Button Down So The Knife Doesn't Come Loose From The Sheath

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If You Haven’t Already, You May Wanna Check Out Last Week’s Post!

A couple days ago I wrote a post entirely dedicated to boot knives. Here’s the link if you’re interested in reading. Boot knives and neck knives may be different but they also share a few similarities. For example, both are typically made to be compact (small and lightweight), so they can be carried easily. 

Size Is An Important Consideration!
Size Is An Important Consideration! (Morakniv Eldris By Olgierd Rudak CC BY 2.0)

However, I do not recommend wearing one in place of the other. Neck knives are specifically designed to be worn around the neck, as boot knives are designed to be worn inside/outside the boot. Before I discuss my best neck knife, let’s look at 9 things to think about before buying.


9 Things To Consider Before Buying!

As is the case with any knife, there’s a few things you’ll wanna consider before buying. The info graphic below outlines all 9 considerations!


Best Neck Knife: Morakniv Eldris

For me this is the best neck knife, simply because it checks off for pretty much all the 9 things I talked about above!

Morakniv Eldris: Satisfies All Requirements I Typically Look For In A Neck Knife!
Morakniv Eldris: Satisfies All Requirements I Typically Look For In A Neck Knife!


What I Like

Overall Length & Weight Are Both On Point!

Overall length comes up to 5.6 inches. I would not consider anything more than 6 inches. Weight comes up to 2.8 ounces which I think is perfect!

Sandvik 12C27 Steel 

There’s one thing in particular I love about 12C27 Sandvik steel: it’s made in Sweeden, and unlike others it’s a fairly pure steel. That being said, 12C27 has decent corrosion resistance, and is very easy to sharpen. Overall, it’s a steel that’s fairly easy to manage!

The “Neck Kit” Is Pretty Cool!

I love how Morakniv have packaged the whole thing as a “neck kit”. This includes the actual knife, a sheath, firesteel, and paracord. Basically the whole package, with firesteel being the bonus. I’ll take it!

Love That It Comes With A Firesteel!
Love That It Comes With A Firesteel!

The Sheath Is Unlike Any Other!

Button Down So The Knife Doesn't Come Loose From The Sheath
Button Down So The Knife Doesn’t Come Loose From The Sheath

There’s 2 ways to store this knife:

  1. Push the blade into the sheath, and leave it be.
  2. Push the blade into the sheath, and button down the secondary lock.

I personally love how the sheath comes with a button to ensure the knife doesn’t fall out when running or hiking. Well done Morakniv!

Anti-Slip Handle Ensures Better Grip

Anti Slip Handle Makes It Easy To Grip!
Grippy Handle!

When it comes to small knives, handle feel and grip is something that often gets overlooked. Manufacturers tend to pay more attention on the blade and size, that they forget arguably the most important aspect of any knife: comfort. Here’s what it comes down to: if a knife feels good in my hands, I’ll use it, if it doesn’t feel good, I won’t bother. Comfort is a big deal to me, and it’s one of the main reasons I pick the Morakniv as my best neck knife. Instead of bare stainless, Morakniv have chose to go with an anti-slip handle. Loving it!


What I Dislike—Can’t Think Of Anything Really!

After much thought, there’s nothing in particular that I don’t like. As I mentioned earlier, everything checks off! The weight, length, steel, paracord, sheath, and even the price actually. If I wanted to be overly picky, I’d say maybe a ball chain would have been better than paracord, but hey you can’t fault Mora for that!


My 2nd Best Neck Knife: SOG Snarl Fixed Blade JB01K-CP

Not the best neck knife, but a very close second! Pros and cons below.

SOG Snarl: Another Awesome Neck Knife
SOG Snarl: Another Awesome Neck Knife


What I Like

Overall Length Of Just 4.3 Inches!

Small But Incredibly Effective!
Small But Incredibly Effective!

Overall (or blade) length may not be too a big deal when it comes to everyday carry’s, but it’s absolutely critical for neck knives. Have you seen that one rapper who strolls around town with a massive clock hanging from his neck? Flavor flav is what he calls himself I think, but basically you don’t want to be that guy!

I Love How Little It Weighs!

1.9 ounces is all this bad boy weighs! An all around compact solution. Kudos to SOG for the design!

Comes With A Ball Chain, And Sheath!

Definitely need both a ball chain and a sheath! The sheath is made of hard molded nylon. SOG seem to have gone for a minimalistic approach with the design, as the sheath itself is quite compact. An added bonus: the sheath features a removable clip. Definitely good to have!


Here's What The Sheath Looks Like
Here’s What The Sheath Looks Like


9Cr18MoV: A Decent Quality Steel

In my opinion, 9Cr18MoV is a pretty decent steel. I wouldn’t place it in the high end quadrant, but it’s actually not too bad. All in all it resists corrosion fairly well, and is easy to sharpen. Only downside is it may not retain an edge for too long….For all you steel nerds, 9Cr18MoV has a hardness of about RC 58-60.


What I Dislike

Not Fond Of The Stainless Steel Handle

I am not a big fan of having stainless steel handles, especially for smaller knives. I find you already have “less” to grip, and by using stainless you only make the situation worse. Maybe i’m being a little picky here, but you try gripping a stainless knife with moist sweaty hands! SOG could easily fix this by glazing the handle with some sort of grippy material (rubber for example?).

And The Price!

One of the main reasons this is not my best neck knife is because it costs a tad much for my liking. I feel for what it’s worth, you could probably get a proper EDC folder. Anyways, just my 2 cents. If you want to check out the latest pricing on amazon, click here.


And With That You Should Be Well On Your Way!

I hope you got some value out of this post. If you did, why not consider sharing on the socials! Lastly, for all you experienced knife aficionados, leave a comment and let us all know what your best neck knife is. See you in the next one peeps!


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