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Chef’s Choice and German knife-maker Wusthof collaborate to produce this 3 stage sharpener that promises to deliver wicked edges. Wusthof are a brand well known for producing high quality, high performance knives, but how do they rank in the field of knife sharpening? Keep reading to find out!


So you take the folks who are well versed in the art of making knives (Wusthof), and have them mingle with the people who are experienced in sharpening knives (Chef’s Choice). The result is the Wusthof PEtec: a 3-stage sharpening system featuring diamond abrasives that leave your knife with a super thin 14 degree edge. Sounds all nice and good, but does this collaboration really live up to the hype, or is it worth considering an alternative. As always, pros, cons, FAQs, and a final recommendation below! 


Pros – First The Positives!

  • Operating The Unit Is Straightforward – The Wusthof electric knife sharpener is quite similar to the Trizor XV Chef’s Choice. Appearance aside, the two share a number of similarities: diamond abrasives on stages 1 & 2, 3 year limited warranties, and flexible spring guides to ensure controlling ease. They both also re-profile an edge to make it super thin (14 or 15 degree on either side). One thing I do like about this device is how simple it is to operate. The blade doesn’t wobble around as you pass it through a stage. As a whole, the unit doesn’t vibrate much either. This definitely makes a difference in operating the unit, as it feels much more smoother and natural when you sharpen.   
  • It Works Well With Thinner Styled Edges – Since it sharpens to a resulting angle of 14 degrees, this device is best suited for thinner blades. When I say thin blades, I am talking Asian and any modern European/American styles. If you own thicker blades, I’d say it’s wise you do not use this to sharpen them. Keep in mind that since it does have diamond abrasives, it WILL strip off a lot of steel. Which brings me to my next point, I would only suggest using stage 1 sparingly or if you have an extremely dull edge that needs to be re-profiled. Otherwise, stick to stages 2 & 3 as much as you can.
  • Decent Warranty Coverage! – As the price goes up, you’re naturally more concerned about warranty coverage. You want to be able to protect your investment should it malfunction. It’s nice that you do get a 3 year warranty period for this device, in the event that anything malfunctions (hopefully it doesn’t).  


Cons – Now For The Negatives!

  • I Would Refrain From Using This On Thicker Blades – Some people may disagree, but my personal opinion is to not use this on thicker blades. As mentioned previously, the Wusthof electric knife sharpener will put a super thin 14 degree edge on any knife. In other words, using this for your thicker blades will basically remove a lot of steel and re-profile the edge.
  • Fancy Terms Like Precision Edge Technology AKA PEtec – Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a manufacturer is pulling a fast one on you. It’s a marketing strategy to toss around terms like “PEtec” or something else that sounds cool and ultimately has the effect of exciting consumers. What exactly is PEtec? According to the video below, it’s some sort of laser guided system that gets used on Wusthof knives before they leave the factory. It basically involves laser guides and computer aided software to ensure optimal edge angles and as a result, incredibly sharp knives (click here to read more). According to Wusthof, the blades are measured before sharpening using lasers and then computers calculate the best angle. Finally robots do the actually sharpening. I am sorry for confusing the heck out of you! But does this honestly sound like something this small Wusthof electric knife sharpener is capable of? I don’t know about you, but to me it certainly doesn’t! It’s actually genius marketing at it’s finest.


Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: How does this work on Wusthof knives?
Answer: For the thinner Wusthof’s, you can expect it to work really well. I’d not recommend this product for thicker (20 degree) blades, regardless of whether this is Wusthof or something else.


Question: This device puts a super thin 14 degree edge on my knife. Is this favorable?
Answer: Yes and no. The 14 degree edge, even though incredibly sharp, is more susceptible to nicks and chips compared to say a 22 degree edge. So while you will attain a wickedly sharp edge, your knife essentially is more brittle as a result.  


Question: Where is this manufactured and what is the voltage?
Answer: It is manufactured in the USA and is 110V.


Final Recommendations 

I’ll be honest, I don’t like how much this device costs. I do not think the price tag justifies the results and therefore my final recommendation is to pass. I’m also a skeptic about “PEtec” and that’s all I’ll say about that. Having said that, this isn’t a bad sharpener (if you can forget about the price for a moment) and does work reasonably well. It’s not versatile but works well for thin edges. If your budget is about the same as the price of this, I’d recommend you consider the Ken Onion Work Sharp instead. Click here to read the review. Finally, to conclude this review, below is a YouTube video from Cutlery and More demonstrating the Wusthof electric knife sharpener in action.





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