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The goal of is to provide pros and cons for both electric and non electric knife sharpening systems. I make every attempt to write the product pros and cons in an unbiased manner, but ultimately it is difficult to fully accomplish this. This is because knife sharpening is a highly subjective topic with differing opinions. You’re almost guaranteed to find contrasting opinions about the subject! In your pursuit of attaining sharp blades, remember one thing: what works for person x doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you (first understand your tool before working on it!). I will be addressing these questions in more detail in my blog posts. Click here to go there.


Why Do You Need A Knife Sharpening System?

Well if you’re like me, and hate blunt knives or the expensive cost of frequently replacing them, then a knife sharpener is probably not a bad investment, don’t you think? Think about all those times you were left in frustration trying to cut that juicy piece of steak or even carve out the thanksgiving turkey (unless you’re the caveman type of course and prefer to devour a steak with your bare hands, then this obviously does not apply to you). Ahh yes, I for one do recall wrestling with my steak instead of actually enjoying it!

Investing In The Right Tools Will Ensure Your Knives Stay Sharp And Last A Lifetime!

My goal then, would be to ensure you never have a dull knife for the rest of eternity by helping you better understand the different products in the market. In order to serve you better, I ask to get to know you better. Please feel free to leave a comment below stating why having a sharp knife is important to you……could be anything….maybe you’re a chef, stay at home cook, hunter, or simply a knife enthusiast. I’d love to know either way!

The entirety of my blog is a dedicated section on different how to articles, recipes, recommendations, and much more. More of this to come in the near future. Stay tuned!

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