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SunrisePro Supreme Knife Sharpener

A rather unusual looking knife sharpener which resembles a cooking pot upon first glance! The device itself is fairly small, and in theory pretty simple to use. That’s hardly the best part about it though! Keep reading to find out what makes this such a popular seller.



Prior to jumping right into the pros and cons, I’d like to provide a quick background about the makers of the SunrisePro knife sharpener. The company that makes these are a family owned American company known as JJL LLC, and they feature only 2 sharpeners, including the supreme as part of their collection. It seems like their goal is to have fewer products with an increased focus on quality and design. From a consumer standpoint, this is perfect. Check out their site here!  


Pros – First The Positives!

  • If You Don’t Like It, You Get A Refund And Get To Keep It For Free – It’s as simple as this. If you are not satisfied with the product for whatever reason, you get a full refund and get to keep the product for FREE. Yes you heard that right! As a consumer what this means for me is I have nothing to lose and a free product to gain. It also shows me how confident the manufacturer is in their product. Truly amazing!      
  • Great For The Kitchen, But Awesome For When You’re On The Go – If you’ve looked at the pictures, you probably noticed how unconventional this device looks from all the others. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, therefore making it very handy to carry on hunting trips, picnics, and other outdoor trips. And at the same time it’s also very easy to store in one of your kitchen drawers or even a glove compartment in your car.
  • Can Be Used By Anyone – Most pull through’s are fairly easy to use, but the SunrisePro knife sharpener is even easier. There’s a latch which you pull down to activate the suction cup. What this essentially does is ensure the unit doesn’t wobble when you draw your blade through. I like it better than most others because I don’t have to hold it down or apply pressure, all I have to do is draw my blade through the abrasives. And to make it even simpler for newbies, there is a direction on which way to draw your knife, so sharpening becomes easy and almost foolproof.

    SunrisePro Knife Sharpener: Small, Cheap & Easy To Use!
    SunrisePro Knife Sharpener: Small, Cheap & Easy To Use!


Cons – Now For The Negatives!

  • It Scrapes Off Quite A Bit Of Metal – Some users have experienced lots of metal stripped off their blades upon sharpening. I would suggest to reduce the draw frequency to 2 draws or pulls. This will allow you to gauge how sharp your knife is before drawing again and taking off more metal. As with any other sharpener, it’s always best to demo the product on your less expensive blades. I can’t overstate this! 


Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Is the SunrisePro knife sharpener capable of working on scissors and other tools?
Answer: Many people have had success using this device to work on scissors, and various other tools. I would not recommend using it for anything other than traditional Western kitchen knives. Scissors are a special case and should not be treated the same as any other blade. The same applies for every other tool. Again, this is just my personal opinion. 


Question: What about serrated knives?
Answer: Given the amount of metal this strips off, I would advise to not use this for serrated blades. Here’s a post explaining the proper way to work on serrations.


Question: I have come across multiple products that look exactly like this one. Which one should I get? And how can I be sure I have bought the best one? 
Answer: This is the original patented system. The “other” products may look the same, but are very unlikely to function the same (different abrasives, different sharpening angles etc.). Having said that, I would recommend buying the original, as it has the solid satisfaction guarantee.


Final Words

All in all, I’d have to say I am pretty impressed with the SunrisePro knife sharpener. However, It’s not something I’d use on expensive blades simply because of how much metal it strips off. It’s a great tool for cheap kitchen knives. I think the best part for me has to be the satisfaction guarantee: If you’re not completely satisfied, get a full refund and keep it as a gift. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks for reading.




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