NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves: Cheap, Effective, And Incredibly Comfortable!

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Investing In Your Safety Is Always A Good Idea!

As cliche as it may sound, safety comes first always. Irrespective if you’re working in the kitchen, warehouse, construction or somewhere else, your primary focus should be to protect yourself from injury. Once you’ve satisfied your primary focus, then you can look to completing the actual task at hand. Never compromise safety in order to finish a task quickly!

How Would You Feel About Losing One Of These?
How Would You Feel About Losing One Of These?

Do you like having 5 fingers? How would you feel about having 4 instead of 5? See the problem is we often forget about the consequences of doing things in an unsafe manner. “Kids are coming home in 30, and I haven’t even got dinner started….darn it! Let me start chopping up these onions right quick…(1 minute later)…ouch!”. How do you become more aware about safety? You make it personal. Every time you pick up a knife (or something with an edge), you pause and remind yourself of the consequences. This will not only force you to use the right protective gear, but will also make you more attentive and focused to complete the task safely. Do yourself a favor and keep you fingers!



4 Things To Consider Before Buying Cut Resistant Gloves

So you’ve decided to buy a pair of cut resistant gloves, but with all the options available you’re just not sure what to get. First of all kudos for taking safety seriously, and second there are 4 main things you should consider prior to buying. Let’s talk about these below, and later on in the post I will share my 4 best cut resistant gloves.


#1 The Size Of Your Hand

Well….duh….obviously! Except it’s not that obvious when you think about it. See what most people do incorrectly is purchase a pair of gloves without measuring the size of their hand. “I must be a medium/largish fit, so I think i’ll just buy a large”. And what happens when they finally arrive? They’re a tad too large, and a little uncomfortable to use. You either return them for a different size, or eat your losses.

Measure Your Palm Diameter And Pick Your Size Accordingly!
Measure Your Palm Diameter And Pick Your Size Accordingly!

The above figure shows how to measure your palm diameter to help determine your size. Important: the numbers to the left (palm diameter in inches) will vary based on the glove manufacturer, so be aware. Also, is it just you who will be using the cut resistant gloves? If you’re hoping to buy a pair to fit both you and your husband, you’re making a mistake. You should have different pairs, unless you both have the same palm diameter.


#2 What Will You Be Using Them For?

This one’s very important. Why exactly do you need cut resistant gloves, and what specific tasks will you be using them for? Is it strictly for kitchen use and to prevent knife cuts, or maybe you handle metals and require something stronger. This is important is because all gloves are not the same; cut resistant gloves vary based on cut levels. There are 2 different types of cut level ratings/designations: ANSI and EN388. If you live in North America, the only rating you should be concerned about is ANSI. So what are ANSI cut levels in layman terms? Without going into too much detail, an ANSI cut level indicates the amount of grams required to cut through glove fabric when placed under a TDM 100 machine. There are a total of 9 ANSI cut levels; level 9 is for high cut hazards, and level 1 is for low cut hazards. Make sense? Below is a useful info graphic explaining this!

[Infographic] Understanding Cut Resistance Levels


#3 It’s All About The $$$!

How much are you willing to spend on a pair? Remember just as the gloves vary (see above!), so will price. If you’re looking for a pair to use in the kitchen, you can find some really good buys online for about $10-20. However, if you’re looking at getting a pair with higher cut resistance, expect to pay significantly more. Either way, do your homework and decide on the maximum amount of $$$ you are willing to spend. Make sure you stick to your budget, and don’t budge!


#4 Put On A Couple Pairs If You Can

Aim to try a couple pairs before buying, if possible. Why is this useful? Well, for one it gives you an idea about comfort. Comfort is incredibly important when it comes to gloves, and even more important for cut resistant gloves specifically. If you have a pair that’s uncomfortable, you’re less likely to wear it. Another reason for trying a pair is to get a feel for size.

If You're Able, Try On A Pair Before You Buy!
If You’re Able, Try On A Pair Before You Buy!

But what if you’re buying online, and you don’t have the option to try out a pair? Then what? In this case you need to make sure you do your due diligence. Get your palm measured and make sure you choose the right size. Also, get an understanding of what material or liner the glove is made of. This may provide some insight toward comfort. And last but not least, read as many reviews as you can to see what people are saying!



My 4 Best Cut Resistant Gloves!

Before I share my 4 best cut resistant gloves with all of you, here’s something important you need to know: there is no single glove that is 100% resistant to cuts. When subjected to an excessive force, the glove material will fail and you will get injured. Moral of the story: cut resistant gloves like everything else, have their limitations. So don’t be fooled into thinking you can get away scot-free after trying to forcefully chop your fingers into little carrots! Don’t believe me? Watch the video below!

Alright, enough ranting! Below are the 4 best cut resistant gloves in my opinion. If you have different favorites, let me know by leaving a comment!



#1 NoCry Food Grade Cut Resistant Gloves

A fan favorite that’s hugely popular online! Keep reading to see what I like and don’t like about it.

NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves: Cheap, Effective, And Incredibly Comfortable!
NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves: Cheap, Effective, And Incredibly Comfortable!


What I Like About It

Perfect For The Kitchen!

If you’re looking for a pair of comfortable gloves to use in the kitchen, this is something you should definitely consider. Why? It’s light and conforms to my hands nicely, and because of this it’s easy to make precision cuts on meats, vegetables, and fruits.

There Is No Left Or Right

These NoCry gloves are ambidextrous (that means each glove can be used on either hand, left or right). There a couple advantages to this. First, if you’re the type that uses only one glove at a time, you basically have an extra glove at your disposal. Second, you can put one in wash and still have the other to use in the meanwhile.

They’re Incredibly Comfortable!

When it comes to kitchen work specifically, comfort is key. You need something that is light, tight to the skin, and grippy (is that even a word!?), and this doesn’t disappoint. Another thing I really like is your hands don’t get sweaty and clammy when you have these on.


What I Don’t Like About It

Can Only Be Used For Light Kitchen Work

While these gloves do work great for light kitchen work, it doesn’t take too much pressure to cut through them. But then again, why would you be exerting that sort of pressure on your fingers to begin with!? These gloves will protect you provided you first protect yourself! That means exercising caution even with the gloves on at all times. Be attentive and complete the tasks as you would without the gloves on.



#2 ChefsGrade Cut Resistant Safety Glove

If you’re looking for something a little more solid than the NoCry kitchen gloves above, then this is your next best bet!

ChefsGrade Safety Glove: Made From High Performance Polyethylene And Reinforced With Stainless Steel Wire!
ChefsGrade Safety Glove: Made From High Performance Polyethylene And Reinforced With Stainless Steel Wire!


What I Like About It

Stainless Steel Makes A Difference

Stainless steel makes a huge difference in reducing the potential of slashing cuts. Slashing cuts happen very quickly and can result in a very deep wound. Having a glove that can bear the brunt of a slash is incredibly useful. This feature alone makes it one of the best cut resistant gloves!

Extended Wrist Protection – An Extra Layer Of Safety

As far as food prep goes, the additional wrist protection is probably not going to add much value. How often have you cut your wrist when slicing up fruits, veggies, and meats? Not very much for me. Having said that, the wrist protection is useful for other applications such as processing, warehouse, and regular outdoor work (plucking thorny garden weeds!).

They Grip Really Well!

Grip is especially important for precision cuts on meats and fish. And this doesn’t disappoint! With the extra layer of steel protection you’d expect a lack in comfort and grip, but that’s not the case at all.


What I Don’t Like About It

The One Size Fits “Most Hands”

I don’t agree with the advertising “fits most hands”, because the fact of the matter is the medium size doesn’t fit most hands. This is especially true for people with small hands, such as me unfortunately (sigh…). If your hands are medium to large, you should be fine.



#3 NoCry Cut Resistant Work Gloves

The first pair of NoCry’s we talked about previously (see #1) are great for the kitchen, but for other applications…..not so much. And that’s where these come into play!

NoCry Cut Resistant Work Gloves: These Are Insanely Grippy!
NoCry Cut Resistant Work Gloves: These Are Insanely Grippy!


What I Like About It

Perfect For Woodworking, Whittling, And Construction

Different applications call for different levels of protection, and if you’re talking woodworking, construction and processing, these are definitely one of the best cut resistant gloves you can find. They’re light, durable, comfortable, and reinforced with stainless steel to increase cut resistance. If you do a lot of woodwork (or construction even), this is something you need to consider!

Silicon Dots Give You Spiderman Grip!

The palm and finger areas of these gloves are covered in tiny silicon dots. These dots greatly enhance the ability to grab and grip onto objects. The NoCry’s we talked about in #1 do not have the silicon dots, in case you’re wondering. Having proper grip is something all gloves should have, but it’s particularly important for gloves used in the field (construction, landscaping etc.). Why? Because the consequences of a tool slipping (chainsaw, axe) could be potentially disastrous!

NoCry’s Are Easy To Wash, Store, And Maintain

One thing I love about mostly all NoCry gloves is how easy they are to wash and maintain. Because the gloves are light and tiny, they can easily be thrown into a washer if required. Also unlike their bulky counterparts, these are easy to store and take up minimal space.


What I Don’t Like About It

The Fingers Aren’t Too Comfortable

The fingers don’t seem to be designed/sized correctly. For me personally, I felt they were a tad too large for my liking, but then again I do have really small fingers. Other people have noted that the fingers were either too lose or too tight. Again, this may or may not be something that affects you, but if you’re interested in getting these, you should confirm sizes (finger lengths) with NoCry, and choose a size that best fits.



#4 Stark Safe Cut Resistant Gloves

If you’re not looking to spend much $$$, the Stark Safe is right up your alley. Scroll down to see what I like and dislike!

Stark Safe Cut Resistant Gloves: Cheap, And For Those With Huge Hands.....It's Available In Extra Large!
Stark Safe Cut Resistant Gloves: Cheap, And For Those With Huge Hands…..It’s Available In Extra Large!


What I Like About It

Available In XL!

If you recall, I mention size as being an important consideration when buying a pair of gloves. You don’t want to be wearing something that’s too small or too large because if you do… eventually won’t! That’s just the reality of it. Having said that, with Stark Safe you have the options of choosing from 4 different sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large. Usually, it’s difficult to find an extra large size for cut resistant gloves, so this is definitely a pro!


The best cut resistant gloves aren’t necessarily the most expensive, and this is an example of that (click here to check latest pricing on amazon). If you’re not satisfied with the gloves, you can return it back, get your money and still keep the product.


What I Don’t Like About It

Good For Light Cut Hazards Only

These gloves (just like the NoCry’s in #1) are perfect for kitchen use. Keep in mind, they are designed to resist light cuts only, and will fail if subjected to higher cut pressures. This is a limitation with the product and it’s important to keep in mind before buying. Keep your expectations in check and you won’t be disappointed!



2 Things To Be Wary Of!

In your quest to find the best cut resistant gloves, there are 2 things you should always remember:


#1 Cut Resistant Does Not Mean Cut Proof, And Definitely Not Puncture Proof!

Remember, cut resistant and cut proof are not the same. These gloves will only resist cuts to a certain level of force, and if you exceed this force, they will fail. In other words, they are not cut proof. Another thing that most people get confused about is stabs and punctures. Stab resistant gloves are an entirely different product from cut resistant gloves. The 2 are not the same!


#2 Be Aware Of Falsely Marketed Products!

I’ve said it umpteen times in previous posts, and i’ll say it here again: expensive doesn’t always mean better. There are products out there that cost less than lunch that will last you for decades! Do your research and take the time to find them. While writing this post I came across a product called the Trust Gloves by a company called Trust Bag, and at first I was incredibly impressed. That was until I read all the reviews calling the company a scam, and the products falsely marketed. I have no opinion on Trust Bag and their products, and I won’t have one until I try them out. The point I am trying to make is this: do your homework and research the crap out of something before you buy. It takes time, but it’s well worth the effort!



If You Made It This Far, Thanks For Reading!

And that’s a wrap. I hope you enjoyed reading and if you did, a share would be appreciated. Also, what are your best cut resistant gloves? Did I miss something awesome in my list? Please leave a comment and let me know!

Questions? Leave Them In The Comments And I'll Be Happy To Answer!
Questions? Leave Them In The Comments And I’ll Be Happy To Answer!

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