7 Awesome Ceramic Kitchen Knives!

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Why I Love Ceramic Kitchen Knives!

There is one question that seems to always come up: what’s better ceramic or steel knives? Whenever i’m faced with this question, my response is always the same: what’s better a manual car or an automatic car? It’s interesting to see how the person’s expression immediately changes. The point I am trying to make here is simple.There is no better or worse; both options have their positives and negatives. It really boils down to what those positives and negatives mean to you specifically.

Who Says You Can't Own Both Steel And Ceramic Knives?
Who Says You Can’t Own Both Steel And Ceramic Knives? (Morakniv Classic 1891 By erik forsberg  CC BY 2.0

Having said that, this isn’t a post that aims on talking up ceramic kitchen knives while bashing traditional steel knives! Instead I will focus on what I like about ceramics, and follow that up with a list of my 7 favorite blades. I hope this post along with the recommendations can help you find what you’re looking for. Alright, let’s jump right into it!


4 Things I Love About Ceramic Knives!

#1 Edge Retention Is Freaking Amazingggg!

What is edge retention? You see this term being tossed around in forums and such, but no one really explains exactly what it is. Edge retention is how effectively a blade is able to hold its edge with time. There are many variables that affect edge retention, but there is one in particular that plays a huge part: hardness. The harder the knife, the longer it will hold its edge. This may sound crazy, but for a second think of play-doh; it’s malleable, and you can work it into whatever shape you desire without much effort. Knives are basically the same; hard blades are less malleable than soft blades, and because of this hard blades don’t get misaligned as easily as soft ones.

Ceramic Knives Retain Their Edge Longer Than Steel Knives!
Ceramic Knives Retain Their Edge Longer Than Steel Knives! (034-365 By F Delventhal  CC BY 2.0)

Back to the topic of ceramic kitchen knives….why do I care? Great question. Ceramic is composed of a material called Zirconia, and Zirconia is known to be incredibly hard. As a result, your typical ceramic blade is quite a bit harder than your typical steel blade, and it therefore stands that a good ceramic kitchen knife will have excellent edge retention. Excellent edge retention means it will take a substantial amount of time before my edge dulls.


#2 Food Prep Is Clean & Odor Free

It’s getting close to lunch time and you’re thinking of whipping up a healthy salad to satisfy your hunger. So you proceed to chop up some lettuce and tomatoes, top it up with some croutons and olive oil and boom first bite is…..kinda garlicky! If you’ve had this happen to you, you’ll know how disgusting it can be. Disgusting enough to completely ruin a dish and the whole experience of eating that particular food!

No Odors, No Ghosting, And No Rust!
No Odors, No Ghosting, And No Rust! (Ceramic Knife By Steve Hodgson CC BY-SA 2.0)

The reason this happens is because the knives we use have the tendency to carry these flavors and aromas/odors even after being washed thoroughly. I like to call this ghosting. Ghosting tends to happen with strong foods and spices such as garlic, onion, peppers, turmeric and ginger roots. Steel knives are more porous than ceramic knives, and as a result you see more of this ghosting or transfer of odors/flavors with steel blades than you do with ceramic. Next time you prepare a salad, grab the ceramic kitchen knife instead. Your taste buds will thank you!


#3 Did You Say No Rust?

Yes I most certainly did! One of the biggest advantages of ceramic knives is that they don’t rust or stain. This is a huge game changer as far as i’m concerned. All the maintenance I do with my traditional steel blades is reduced in half for my ceramic collection. No need to oil, no need to thoroughly dry, and no need to worry about storage as much!


#4 Cleaning Ceramic Kitchen Knives Is A Breeze!

Once you’re done using your ceramic knife, cleaning it is a breeze. A quick rinse under lukewarm water for half a minute should suffice. Scrubbing isn’t necessary, as food/ingredients don’t stick to the surface. Let me ask you a question: would you put your ceramic kitchen knives in a dishwasher assuming they’re listed as dishwasher friendly? I wouldn’t, and I would suggest you don’t as well. Dishwasher heat is capable of damaging the ever so delicate edge of your knife. Ceramic is brittle to begin with, so you could risk chipping your edge by putting it through the tough, long cycles of a dishwasher.

Ceramic Blades Are Easy To Clean. All It Takes Is A Quick Rinse With Lukewarm Water!
Ceramic Blades Are Easy To Clean. All It Takes Is A Quick Rinse With Lukewarm Water! (Toy Knife By Steve Hodgson CC BY-SA 2.0)



7 Awesome Ceramic Kitchen Knives For Your Consideration!

In no particular order, below are 7 of my favorite ceramic blades. One thing to remember: kitchen blades in general are incredibly broad, so it’s important you understand what type you need right off the bat. Understanding this is one half of the problem, so take your time and get it right! Everything listed below for these 7 products are my personal opinion.


#1 Kyocera 3 Piece Knife Set: Revolution Series

We kick off our list by showcasing this 3 piece set by Kyocera. In case you didn’t know, Kyocera is considered the creme de la creme as far as ceramic cutlery is concerned. They’ve been in the game for a very long time, and everything they produce is quality.


Kyocera Advanced Ceramics: 3 Piece Set That Includes A Chef, Micro Serrated, & Paring Knife
Kyocera Advanced Ceramics: 3 Piece Set That Includes A Chef, Micro Serrated, & Paring Knife


What I Like About It

It Covers Pretty Much Everything I Need

Remember when I talked about how you should know what type of kitchen knife you need specifically before actually looking for one? This set of 3 I’ve found fits all my kitchen needs. I use the paring knife for veggies and fruits, the micro serrated for breads and pastries, and the chef knife for everything else!

Kyocera Got Me Covered!

Kyocera is the only manufacturer of ceramic cutlery to offer both a lifetime warranty and lifetime sharpening. Is the lifetime warranty important to have for ceramic kitchen knives? Absolutely! Ceramic may be harder than steel, but it’s also more brittle and therefore more likely to chip and nick. Warranty becomes especially important because of this. Sharpening is also important, as your edge will eventually dull and at that point good luck trying to sharpen something as hard as Zirconia by yourself!

Feels Great In My Hands

All 3 knives feel comfortable in my hands. They’re all relatively light and this makes food prep (chopping up multiple veggies and fruits especially!) quite effortless. Also, I like the white blade color. Oddly enough, I find that it makes washing the knives a little easier than steel!


What I Don’t Like About It

It Would’ve Been Even Better If It Came With Sheaths

For me, protective sheaths are an absolute must as far as ceramic kitchen knives are concerned. And I say this because of the brittleness of ceramic. It doesn’t take much effort to accidentally chip your edge. A Sheath helps in protecting the blade when you’re not using it, and it takes the beating in case you accidentally drop the knife. Hugely important in my opinion!



#2 Dalstrong Infinity 8 Inch Ceramic Chef Knife

A sleek looking ceramic kitchen knife that is blazing sharp right out of the box. These guys hand sharpen and polish their knives, so each and every one has a mirror finish when it finally reaches the end user.

Dalstrong: Beautifully Designed & Incredibly Sharp!
Dalstrong: Beautifully Designed & Incredibly Sharp!


What I Like About It

If Looks Could Kill!

It’s been a while since I’ve come across a kitchen knife as beautiful as this. Now I know this is one of those things that has nothing to do with product functionality, but I think it deserves to be mentioned nonetheless. How much do you care about how your cutlery looks? Leave it in the comments!

Comes With A Sheath Amongst Other Things

If you read my review about the Kyocera ceramic set above, you’d have realized that I’m all for having sheaths to protect ceramic blades. Dalstrong have done the right thing, and have included a protective sheath to cover your blade when you’re not using it. They’ve also been generous to include a diamond stone sharpener and a polishing cloth.

You Get A Free Diamond Sharpener, Sheath, And Polishing Cloth
You Get A Free Diamond Sharpener, Sheath, And Polishing Cloth

Customer Service Is Top Notch!

I’m sure we’ve all had the misfortune of experiencing poor customer service at some point in our lives, be it for warranty concerns, or even general inquiries. When I’ve dealt with Dalstrong, it’s been the polar opposite. These guys pride themselves on great customer service, and it’s pretty evident in the way they go about answering questions and resolving issues!


What I Don’t Like About It

No Free Sharpening Makes Me A Little Sad

Why is sharpening such a big deal for me? Well, simply because I don’t want to have to sharpen ceramic if I can get away with it! I don’t recommend using the sharpener provided in the package because I don’t think freehand sharpening is the best option for ceramics. Ceramic is hard and an electric option would work best to grind out the material, in my opinion. This would have been that much better if Dalstrong offered free lifetime sharpening like Kyocera.



#3 Farberware 3 Inch Paring Knife

A 3 inch paring knife that’s good bang for your buck!

Farberware: Cheap, Reliable & Effective!
Farberware: Cheap, Reliable & Effective!


What I Like About It

Doesn’t Burn A Hole In My Pocket!

Not everyone wants a set of knives. Some people only need a paring knife, or a chef knife for example. This is for those people. You save money because you only buy one blade type instead of 3.

Great Little Budget Knife

If you’re buying this expecting it to perform the same as a Kyocera or Dalstrong, you’re not gonna be too happy. This is a budget knife, and it will perform as such. As long as your expectations are in order, you won’t be disappointed. It may not perform as effortlessly as a Kyocera, but it’s an awesome knife to have at your disposal for working on smaller tasks. Also, it’s great to take on trips and get-togethers!


What I Don’t Like About It

From An Edge Retention Perspective, It Could Be A Little Better

Sharpening ceramic is a pain in the butt, so if you can avoid having to do it, all the better. Just like steel, there is high, medium, and low quality ceramic. High quality ceramic has fewer impurities and goes through a rigorous heat treatment process. As a result, high quality ceramic holds its edge much longer than lower quality. With this you get a medium quality ceramic that will eventually need to be sharpened. All things considered, still a great buy in my honest opinion!



#4 Kyocera 7-Inch Professional Chef Knife (Black Blade) : Revolution Series

If you’re looking for a high performance ceramic kitchen knife, Kyocera’s black blade revolution line is definitely something you should consider. You’re probably wondering what the difference is between the black and white blades, right? Keep reading to find out!

Kyocera Revolution 7-Inch Chef Knife: Durable, Stylish, & Highly Effective!
Kyocera Revolution 7-Inch Chef Knife: Durable, Stylish, & Highly Effective!


What I Like About It

Black Is Better Than White

In case you didn’t know, Kyocera has both white and black ceramic blades in its revolution series. And, no the only difference isn’t just color/style! The black blades go through an extra step in the heat treatment process (known as hot-isostatic press). As a result, the blade is not only more harder but also a lot stronger and tougher than the white ceramic. Higher toughness and durability means a lower chance of nicks and chips!

Kyocera's Black Ceramic Is Tougher Than The Traditional White
Kyocera’s Black Ceramic Is Tougher Than The Traditional White

For A 7-Inch Blade, It Handles Like A Charm!

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, the way a knife feels in my hand is more important than the steel, sharpness etc. All those things could be excellent, but if it feels awkward and uncomfortable to use, the knife overall is a failure in my eyes. Fortunately, that’s not the case with this knife. The balance, weight, and grip are all spot on.

Sharpening & Warranty

And in case you didn’t know, Kyocera offer free sharpening as well as a lifetime warranty on their ceramic knives. By the way, this isn’t something I’ve seen any other brands do, so definitely a big advantage for buying Kyocera.


What I Don’t Like About It

Again, Why No Protective Sheath!?

Kyocera, if you’re reading this….here’s a great way to make your awesome ceramic kitchen knives even better! Anyone who has ever done any kitchen chores will tell you one thing: we are clumsy! Plates get shattered, food gets splattered, and knives get tossed around. Granted, some of us are better than others, but you get the point. A protective sheath would go a long way!



#5 MoiChef 6” Premium Chef Knife

Here’s another quality ceramic kitchen knife for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a chunk of cash. Below I talk about what I like and don’t like about it!

MoiChef 6 Inch Chef Knife: A Quality Knife For A Decent Price!
MoiChef 6 Inch Chef Knife: A Quality Knife For A Decent Price!


What I Like About It

Another Manufacturer That Offers Exceptional Customer Service!

I don’t know about you guys, but for me customer service is a big deal. If it’s poor, I most likely won’t buy. This is especially important when buying something like ceramic, that is considered to be brittle and not nearly as tough as steel. These guys make sure everything is up to your expectations and standards!

Bang For Your Buck!

Out of all the knives covered here, this has the best value for money. It’s sharp, comfortable to use, ergonomic, and last but not least, it comes with a protective sheath!


What I Don’t Like About It – Nothing!

I honestly can’t think of anything negative to say about this knife or MoiChef! Don’t believe me? Head over to amazon and see how highly they’re rated!



#6 Kyocera 7-Inch Professional Chef Knife (Black Blade): Limited Series

Another Kyocera? Seriously dude!? Yes, because no one can do ceramic kitchen knives quite like they do. This knife in particular was designed to reflect Japanese culture, heritage, and craftsmanship, and as such every part and piece used in manufacturing is…..you guessed it, from Japan!

Kyocera Limited Series: Simply Stunning. Hand Finished Blades & Hand Crafted Handles!
Kyocera Limited Series: Simply Stunning. Hand Finished Blades & Hand Crafted Handles!


What I Like About It

There’s A Certain Charm About Handcrafted Tools

We’ve come a loooooong way. Automated manufacturing processes dictate how most tools/knives are produced, and gone are the days where one would craft by hand. I’m not ranting here, because I love technological advancement. I just think there’s a certain level of detail that can only be achieved by man! That’s what makes this knife so special. Master artisans handcraft and shape the wood handle, so it’s natural, ergonomic, and contoured to your palm.

Stylish & Chic

Only 2 knives on this post get my vote for being stylish and chic: this one and the Dalstrong Infinity (see #2). Is it important that a kitchen knife look good? I personally think so! And it’s definitely something I consider. Buying a knife is kinda like buying a car……you look for all the bells and whistles, but it also needs to look good! Does aesthetics matter to you as far as kitchen knives are concerned? Leave it in the comments!


What I Don’t Like About It

The Price Makes Me Frown

If you’ve been following my posts, you would know by now that I am a pretty cheap fella! I like good deals, and I advocate the same to my readers. Having said that, I really love this knife…..everything from the way it looks, functions, and feels is spot on, except the price (click here to check latest pricing on amazon). It’s a little more than it should be, in my honest opinion. However, if you like the detail and intricacy of a handcrafted handle and a hand finished blade, then definitely go for it!



#7 ZenWare Multi Color Ceramic Kitchen Knives (Set Of 4)

How many of us here have “beater” knives? Knives that we buy because of how cheap and effective they are at doing the daily grind. Don’t know about you, but I have beaters that have provided me years of service!

ZenWare Kitchen Knife Set: A Cheap, Beater Set That Will Serve You Well!
ZenWare Kitchen Knife Set: A Cheap, Beater Set That Will Serve You Well!


What I Like About It

This Is One Damn Good Set Of Beater Knives!

All 4 knives are sharp, and can be used for most of your food prep in the kitchen. If you take proper care of them i.e. wash and dry by hand, cover with protective sheaths, they should serve you for a long time!

The Whole Set Makes For A Great Gift

Christmas is only a couple months away! I can’t think of a better gift for Christmas than this ZenWare set. First off it’s probably one of the cheapest gifts you’ll buy, secondly it’s a complete set to cover most kitchen needs, and thirdly it comes in a cool gift box!

Check Out This Cool Gift Box: Oh, I Forgot To Mention That It Also Includes A Peeler!
Check Out This Cool Gift Box: Oh, I Forgot To Mention That It Also Includes A Peeler!


What I Don’t Like About It

Design Flaw That Could Lead To Injury

All 4 knife heels are extremely sharp and will cut you if you’re not careful. It seems like ZenWare forgot to round them off a little, and now the heels are just as sharp as the rest of the knife. If you have cut resistant gloves, you may be required to put them to use, should you buy this product. Otherwise, just take your time and be extra careful!



Care & Maintenance: You Bought Yourself A Set Of Ceramic Kitchen Knives….Now What?

Before I end this post, I want to quickly talk about some things you can do to ensure your ceramic knives stay in great condition. Make a habit of doing these 5 things every time you use your ceramic blades.

#1 Never Ever Put Them In A Dishwasher

There isn’t a single knife, steel, ceramic, or plastic that is dishwasher friendly. If you choose to put your knives in a dishwasher anyway, you will ruin them eventually. Some manufacturers claim that their ceramic knives are dishwasher friendly, and I am here to tell you…..that is the biggest bunch of BS. Wash by hand with warm water and dish soap. It literally takes no more than 2 minutes!

#2 Always Cover With A Protective Sheath

Don’t underestimate the importance of that cheap little plastic sheath that came with your ceramic knives. Make sure you cover your ceramic blade (when not in use) with a protective sheath at all times. And if you don’t? Enjoy the chips and nicks you get as a result. If you don’t have a protective sheath, buy one. They don’t cost all that much.

Always Cover Your Knives With A Protective Sheath When Not In Use
Always Cover Your Knives With A Protective Sheath When Not In Use

#3 When They Become Dull, Get Them Sharpened

Every single knife will dull. It doesn’t matter if they’re composed of ceramic, steel, or anything else. When they do dull, it’s in your best interest to get them sharpened. You have 2 options: send it to a professional service capable of working on ceramic, or take advantage of sending it back to the manufacturer. Some manufacturers, like Kyocera, will sharpen for free.

#4 Be Cautious, Ceramic Is Brittle

If you don’t want to ruin your ceramic knives, it’s very important that you understand this. I’ve seen people use their ceramic blades on just about everything from deboning a chicken to slicing on glass cutting boards, and then you wonder why you have nicks and chips!? Always remember that ceramic may be hard, but it is not quite as tough as steel. Use it for the “lighter” kitchen chores and you’ll be happy in the long run!

If You're Not Careful, You Can Chip Your Blade
If You’re Not Careful, You Can Chip Your Blade (Blunt and chipped ceramic knives By Kai Hendry CC BY 2.0)

#5 Be Freaking Careful!

When it comes to ceramic blades, looks can be deceiving. Don’t be fooled by its color or the fact that it’s lightweight, mess around and you will get hurt. Ceramic knives are sharp and can do some serious damage if you’re not careful. Whenever you use one, be extra careful. If you have cut resistant gloves, using them wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Be Careful And Always Remember: Safety Comes First!
Be Careful And Always Remember: Safety Comes First!



And With That You Are Now An Expert!

In this post we have covered pretty much all you need to know about ceramic kitchen knives. We talked about the benefits of these kinds of blades, 7 awesome recommendations of what is currently available in the market, and lastly how to care for and maintain ceramic knives. There is one thing I did not speak about and that is sharpening. I wrote a post dedicated to sharpening ceramic blades; you can check it out by clicking here. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you did, a share would be massively appreciated. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment! Also, let me know: what are some of your favorite ceramic kitchen knives?

Featured Image Source: Kyocera Ceramic Knife By Didriks CC BY 2.0


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